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Beautiful Altay

Beautiful Altay

Murmur River with silence rocks and friends cedars around it. Lovely journey

Wild mountains around us keep beauty and silence. All around full of life and hurries live this life In a short summer, wich lasts here for 2-3 months from end of June to end of august.

A beauty of wild nature and mountain river with rocks and waterfalls. A way we got there. Mountains keep secrets of life.

Photo was taken in early morning. The sun rose and beautiful clouds had floated above the mountains and touched it. The river flows below in a gorge. Whole world around kept beauty and silence. A soul kept clean.

Photo was taken in wild mountains, when we had crossed the mountain river. There were beautiful sky, nature, and no people 30km around us. Only brown bears, wolves, hayfields, roe deer and Eagles. It is a magical place with wonderful beauty around it.